In opleiding – Medische opleiding


“My name is Sooriyamoorthy. I am coming from a poor family background. My father is a daily laborer. He only has work for 15 days a month, sometimes even as less as 10 days. My mother sells seasonal vegetables for our livelihood, but she is often sick. The money they earn hardly sufficient for feeding us. During my holidays usually I work with my mother for our family. If I get a chance to study, I will prove myself and can have a bright future.”

Verblijf op JET & toekomst

In april 2022 heeft Sooriyamoorthy op JET de 10e standard voltooid. Hij behaalde voldoende studiepunten om extern de 11e en 12e standard te mogen gaan volgen. In 2024 heeft hij succesvol de 12e standard afgerond. Vanaf juni volgt hij een medische opleiding.