In opleiding – 12e standard


“I am the middle daughter in my family. I have one older sister, she is married and a younger brother, who is 4 years old. My parents are very poor and struggle for our livelihood. Due to my poor family situation my older sister was stopped from school when she completed 8th standard and sent for job later. After attaining puberty she was married. My parents live a nomadic lifestyle, they always go to different cities in search of a job. They also work as labourers in laying roads, railway pipelines etc. but providing for my higher education is really impossible. I will be grateful, if I am offered a scholarship to continue my study.”

Verblijf op JET & toekomst

In april 2023 heeft Rekha op JET de 10e standard voltooid. Zij behaalde voldoende studiepunten om extern de 11e en 12e standard te mogen gaan volgen om daarna te bekijken welke opleiding voor haar geschikt is. In de toekomst wil zij graag een administratieve opleiding gaan volgen.