In opleiding – Technische opleiding


“I am the youngest son in my family. I have two older brothers. My father is a daily labour. My parents gave me the name Maharaja, which means ‘great king’, even though poverty was in our life. Due to my poor family condition, my father was unable to support my brothers. My older brother didn’t complete school education, my second brother completed school education and is working as a nomadic labourer in cities. They all toil day and night for minimum wages to fill their stomach. If I get the chance to study, I can uplift my family and not be a burden for them anymore. I will be grateful if I get the chance to continue my studies. Otherwise I have to stop my education and go to child labour.”

Verblijf op JET & toekomst

In april 2023 heeft Maharaja op JET de 10e standard voltooid. Na de 10e standard is hij gestart met een technische opleiding.