23 december 2020 – Christmas wishes from JET India

Written by Josephine (JET management)

Its almost the end of the year, time to look back and thank god for the life that we live, for he has connected us with many beautiful people, to love, to share, to bless, to laugh, to cry, to fight and to serve, for keeping us alive today, few of our loved ones who started the year with us isn’t here now to finish it with, had to say the last good bye without any choice, but being alive makes us to think that our task in this world is yet to complete, since march coz of lockdown few of our kids left us to home for safe confinement as per govt rules. Surprisingly as this is christmas season, some of our children came back to stay with us, as they thought its the right chance to join us back, spent some time with children, heart sank, eyes filled with tears when we heard about their, experiences at their own home.

Warm wishes from our children to all of you: https://www.facebook.com/100005056152098/videos/pcb.1753272754851246/1753271744851347/